Three-compartment knee prosthesis / mobile-bearing / traditional Unity Knee™ Corin

Three-compartment knee prosthesis / mobile-bearing / traditional Unity Knee™ Corin
Unity Knee™

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The Unity Knee™ has been designed as a high performance, knee platform. Combining innovative implant design concepts, advanced manufacturing technology and state of the art Unity Kneeinstrumentation, Unity takes a significant step forward in addressing existing concerns in total knee surgery: Utilising advanced knee kinematic principles to facilitate more natural knee function Maintaining knee stability attuned with soft tissues Incorporating cutting edge instrumentation to optimse implant position, while allowing intra-operative flexibility and surgical choice Optimising knee function Unity incorporates a single radius femoral design, proven to enhance mid-flexion stability and quadriceps efficiency by reducing paradoxical anterior glide, inherent in existing ‘J curve’ knee designs In order to minimise soft tissue conflict, Unity includes a rotatory freedom concept minimising tibial rotational torque and providing the flexibility of a mobile bearing in a fixed knee design. Designed to facilitate physiological femoral transition, the Unity Knee demonstrates similar kinematic patterns to the native knee.
  • Tibial bearing type:mobile-bearing
  • Knee prosthesis type:three-compartment
  • Surgical application:traditional
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