Thoraco-lumbar spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior SFS Orthofix

Thoraco-lumbar spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior SFS Orthofix

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Product description The SFS System provides simple, reliable and comprehensive stabilization solutions for spinal fixation. Its patented innovations enable surgeons to work efficiently with surety. The pedicle screws provide a full 42° multi-axial range of motion, that in conjunction with their uniquely tapered heads, are more accommodating to variables in patient anatomy/pathology. This simplifies screw placement and reduces the need for rod bending. Additionally, the fixation screw utilizes a patented buttress thread that minimizes the potential for misalignment or cross-threading of the set screw – feel it once and you'll know there's a difference. Features & Benefits Surgeon Benefits Tapered heads conform to anatomy Top-loading, pre-assembled cross connector Patented locking screws won’t cross-thread Reduction screw alternative SFS offers more solutions for the surgeon with a broad selection of spacers, washers, staples and axial rod connectors. Our 3.0 mm-to-5.5 mm rod-to-rod connectors adjoin SFS with the Ascent POCT (Posterior Occipital Cervical Thoracic) System, and our 5.5 mm-to 5.5 mm connectors create a contiguous assembly with SFS rods and pedicle screw constructs.
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