Human external fixation system / ankle / tibia XCaliber Hybrid Orthofix

Human external fixation system / ankle / tibia XCaliber Hybrid Orthofix
XCaliber Hybrid

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Product description The XCaliber Hybrid Fixator is made of radiolucent material for unobstructed X-ray visualization. The metallic bolts and the cam and bush of each ball-joint, are the only radio-opaque components. Features & Benefits Surgeon Benefits No obstruction to fracture visualization, allowing faster and easier reduction Easier to check callus formation and bone healing Less radiation exposure for the surgical team Less O.R. time – ready to use with no assembly required No maintenance or sterilization costs – conveniently packaged in a sterile kit Less inventory – minimal instrumentation Xtraordinary – packaged as a sterile kit in three time-saving configurations, ready for all long bone trauma application Xtra light – as strong as conventional fixators, only lighter, for easier application and more patient comfort X-ray friendly – the first large fixator body to be radiolucent Single use – no maintenance and sterilization costs
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