Thoraco-lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior BIOLIGN™ TLIF Elite Surgical

Thoraco-lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior BIOLIGN™ TLIF Elite Surgical

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The BioLign™ TLIF cage maintains and/or restores lumbar lordosis while bearing the bulk (80%) of the anteriorly placed load on the patients spinal column. The TLIF cage system also restores inter-vertebral height. The system does away with the need for abdominal exposure, with its inherent risks, and saves time in the operative procedure. Another advantage of the TLIF is that neural decompression can be achieved at the same time and the facet joint complex is resected on one side only. The unique design of the cage permits optimum insertion of autologus or bone substitute while its weight bearing capabilities are optimised through this robust design. The design further permits implantation from either side, depending on the location of the disc protrusion, or purely based on surgeon preference. The BioLign TLIF cage system is made from Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA, an organic polymer used in demanding bio-medical and engineering applications. Also referred to as a polyaryletheretherketone, PEEK is a colourless thermoplastic and is radio-translucent. As such, the BioLign TLIF cage has titanium markers on all four corners of the cage for positional identification during various radiographic examinations. PEEK-OPTIMA polymers have been used in spinal surgery since 1999 and are recognised as the industry standard in spinal fusion. We source our material from a global market leader in the supply of PEEK-based biomaterial solutions. * See CSIR mechanical test CSIR/MSM/ER/2009/0021/C and ASTM F2077-03 Specifications: Material: PEEK-OPTIMA Polymer (Polyaryletheretherketone) *ASTM F2026-08 Certification: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • Surgical approach:anterior
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