Testicular cosmetic implant / anatomical / silicone N&S Promedon

Testicular cosmetic implant / anatomical / silicone N&S Promedon

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The N&S Testicular Prosthesis implant is designed to provide a replacement to the natural shape and size of the testicles through surgery, The prosthesis material possess a consistency which assures to prevent it from migration into the body. The N&S testicular prosthesis ensures to implant easily with safe surgical procedures eliminating the risks of any irritation. The prosthesis possess a similar resemblance as of natural testicles, providing a scope to regain the full natural appearance of your genital area. The prosthesis is made with the latest generation silicone elastomer, a low hardness base material which provides a natural consistent design to resemble the testicles.
  • Implant shape:anatomical
  • Implant material:silicone
  • Area of the body:testicular
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