Temperature monitor and regulator InnerCool RTx Philips Healthcare

Temperature monitor and regulator InnerCool RTx Philips Healthcare
InnerCool RTx

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Cooling and warming with a closed-loop system from the inside out The Philips InnerCool RTx Endovascular System for cooling and warming provides advanced whole body temperature modulation therapy in a closed-loop system from the inside out. Dynamically modulates temperature (defined as a change in temperature of >4.0°C/hour) for rapid cooling, with the option of gradual warming. Fastest cooling and warming rates in the industry Average cooling rates of 4.0-5.0°C/hr¹ Average warming rates of 2.0-3.0°C /hr¹ Gradual warming of 0.1-1.2°C/hr Cools non-paralyzed patients As a matter of survival, our physiology resists being cooled. Shivering, the bodys natural defense to cooling, produces more body heat. Shivering also increases overall metabolic activity, dramatically increasing oxygen demand and consumption. This can have deleterious effects for patients who have suffered a global ischemic event. Overcoming this increase in metabolic heat is a daunting task which, for most cooling systems, requires that the physician paralyze the patient to eliminate shivering. Even then, time to target temperature is, at best, a few hours. The challenge is to quickly get below the shivering threshold, where diminished shivering results in less resistance to cooling therapy and fewer complications. This unique approach to therapeutic hypothermia rapidly achieves maximum cooling for neuroprotection and is comfortable for the patient, while avoiding risks inherent with paralytic agents such as masking seizures or masking inadequate levels of sedation. The rapid cooling power of the InnerCool RTx enables clinicians to cool awake, non-paralyzed patients.²
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