Teleconsultation software GXD? Telemedicine GLOBAL IMAGING ON LINE

Teleconsultation software GXD? Telemedicine GLOBAL IMAGING ON LINE
GXD? Telemedicine

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Global Imaging On Line’s GXD5 Telemedicine is a secure Web-based platform that offers the accessibility of an Internet application while ensuring that medical data remain secure. It allows users to choose whether or not to conceal the patient’s identity and provides full traceability of all communications (date, time, user). All images and clinical data are stored on a hosted, protected, secure server that complies with the French data protection authority’s (CNIL) recommendations. Authentication certificates are used to encrypt the data transmitted on the network. Users access their personal account with their health professional smartcard (CPS card) or regional identifiers, and can then view reports, images, and schedules. The solution provides a system of customized SMS or e-mail notifications and pop-up alerts to keep track of the progress of each file.
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