Tabletop IPL system Minisilk FT Deka

Tabletop IPL system Minisilk FT Deka
Minisilk FT

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Minisilk FT has reimbursement include a permanent minimization in the number of hairs and a dramatic slowdown of regret. Hair removal using Minisilk FT is a gradual, painless, and effective treatment for all types of hair, skin, and phototype. Even when higher intensities are required, fractioning of the Minisilk FT pulse allow to activity on the target structure only, without thermal damage to the surrounding areas. High performance, out of harm's way technology and modest outlay make Minisilk FT the best possible instrument to meet patient’s needs, from hair exclusion to skin photorejuvenation. The efficiency of DEKA technologies and the broad handpiece speed up treatment time, making Minisilk FT particularly appropriate for larger body areas. DEKAs intelligent technologies also include an interchangeable filter system and a cooling system integrated in the handpiece, making it practical for the doctor and comfortable for the patient
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