Surgical laser / diode / tabletop VELURE S9/15-30 Lasering

Surgical laser / diode / tabletop VELURE S9/15-30 Lasering
VELURE S9/15-30

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Velure S9 excellence in surgery High efficiency combined with minimum or no heat damage makes Velure S9 ideal for General Surgery, ENT, Thoracic Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology. Thanks to a single universal handpiece featuring variable-length rigid and flexible cannulas, Velure S9 is able to satisfy all the operating requirements of even the most discerning surgeon. Velure S9 is also the ideal appliance for patients suffering from herniated disc, thanks to a specific procedure (PLDD - Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression). During this procedure, a small portion of the pulpy nucleus of the disc is vaporised, creating a partial vacuum that reduces pressure on the disc and favours its return to its original position. ...and in Endovenous Treatments The treatment of venous incompetence of the lower limbs by endovenous laser under ultrasound guidance is easy to perform with Velure S8 in either treatment room or operating theatre setting. Using only local anaesthesia it provides a minimally invasive, less traumatic and cosmetically optimal solution to this condition. This endovascular technique leaves no scars and minimises the risk of infection and post-operative pain.
  • Amplifying medium:diode
  • Application:surgical
  • Ergonomics:tabletop
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