Surgical laser / CO2 / on trolley MIXTO SLIM E30 Lasering

Surgical laser / CO2 / on trolley MIXTO SLIM E30 Lasering

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Slim E30 is the truly leading-edge CO2 surgical laser; by combining advanced technology with ease of use, it enables the surgeon to always obtain the very best coagulation or tissue vaporisation effect in every circumstance. Thanks to its three operating modes: continuous (CW), pulse and superpulse, Slim E30 is able to provide high power and performance at top levels and meet every operating requirement. Gentler Laser skin resurfacing than with ER:YAG In the Skin Resurfacing procedure the laser light is absorbed by water in the skin cells and this absorption, in turn, causes the instantaneous vaporization or destruction of the cell itself. The advanced Lasering computer scanning technology produces such a fast scan that it allows the physician to have an amazing control in order to treat only as deeply as needed. This lets the physician remove wrinkles, soft lines and deep wrinkles in a gentler way than with ER:YAG.
  • Application:surgical
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
  • Amplifying medium:CO2
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