Surgical display DICOMedia ISIS

Surgical display DICOMedia ISIS

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DICOMedia offers the possibility to display radiological views with ultimate details, as well as real time surgical videos. The versatile front mounted patch panel allows you to connect easily a wide range of analog and digital video sources, including surgical and room video cameras, endoscopic video, robots, navigation systems, monitoring With DICOMedia : Import View Identify Register Display Radiological images ... and medical computer data. Optimal image quality Monitors and cameras are selected among a wide range of equipment to deliver full HD resolution with superior image quality. The images are sharp and bright, they boast a better contrast and more accurate colors than the one displayed by conventional monitors. If you have older hardware, the transition to the new video standard is possible. Full range DICOMedia is compatible. Up to 55'' touch screen display, intuitive and responsive Simplification of complex systems is essential. The touch interface is the easiest and fastest way to interact with DICOMedia offered features. The graphical pictogram based interface, developed in collaboration with surgeons and operating staff, meets all the requirements for a full understanding and acceptance by theater staff. A neat ISIS offers a turnkey system, meeting all the requirements in term of operating theatre integration. Increased security The DICOMedia ensures throughout the hospital, availability of information stored on the PACS or on another server as well as their secure backup. With the integration of standardized interfaces, DICOM, the shared data you avoid duplicate entries and provide you the correct information.
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