Articulated arm for operating microscope (for neurosurgery) SurgiScope® ISIS

Articulated arm for operating microscope (for neurosurgery) SurgiScope® ISIS

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The SurgiScope® is a robotized tool-holder designed for surgical neuronavigation. This system is operated under the complete control of the surgeon and operating team. Specifically designed for microscope-assisted neurosurgical applications, it supports all types of interventions and the most common positioning. Its easy set up and operation makes this suspended robotic architecture the choice of OR professionals. Equipped with numerous automated functions and ergonomic interfaces, the SurgiScope® is controlled by an easy-to-use touch screen. The "ScopePlan® by ISIS" software, developed according to stereotaxic principles, allows users to quickly and easily define an operating strategy while gaining virtual access to their zone of interest. The connection to the tool holder is established at the start of surgery, and allows the operator take advantage of all tools for identification, location, and visualization within the zone. Equipped with an instrument holder kit (available as an option), the SurgiScope® can hold and position precisely endoscopic tools or biopsy needles. A surgeon no longer needs to lift the microscope eyepiece to see surgical display screens. The SurgiScopes image injection module will display data directly within the surgeons field of view. This robotized system has the full support of a team working together for over two decades. Since 1993, they have developed, produced, certified and installed the SurgiScope® around the world. The ISIS R&D team introduces new updates to users on a regular basis.
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