Support pad / surgical / vacuum VacuPad Vmed Technology

Support pad / surgical / vacuum VacuPad Vmed Technology

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The VacuPad is a flexible vacuum pad used as a surgical support device to support and hold patients under anesthesia during and after surgical or diagnostic procedures. VacuPads are designed specifically for animal surgery and can be molded and formed to the patient when soft. When air is evacuated from inside the pad, it becomes ridged and molds to the body shape, holding the patient securely and comfortably in the desired position. Body heat loss leading to hypothermia is a risk for all surgical patients and most often occurs with smaller animals. Some studies show a reduced risk of infection if body heat is maintained during and after surgery. The VacuPad contains Dynamic Heat Control media which helps maintain body heat. A water circulating pad may be used on top of the VacuPad. Benefits A superior method of supporting and holding patients under anesthesia. Helps maintain body heat. Holds patient securely and comfortably in the exact position desired for procedure. Quick and easy to use. Easily cleaned and disinfected. General Characteristics The VacuPad is available in two sizes. 24? x 16? for animals to 30 pounds; 36? x 23? for animals to 80 pounds. (Will partially support larger animals) Inert to most chemicals. Hospital disinfectants can be used. The VacuPad is tough. Specially treated foam and two layers of reinforced vinyl are used to provide the necessary durability and puncture resistance. As with any pneumatic envelope, care should be taken not to cut or puncture during use. Translucent to X-rays and compatible with MRI equipment. Valve is easily identified as an artifact.
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