Doppler stethoscope / veterinary Ultrascope Vmed Technology

Doppler stethoscope / veterinary Ultrascope Vmed Technology

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The Ultrascope Doppler stethoscope is a hand-held, 9V battery operated ultrasonic Doppler that has been used in human and animal applications for over 30 years although the Ultrascope is no longer sold for human applications. Models are available for fetal and blood flow detection in small animals. The Doppler model selected depends on the size and depth of the target under investigation. Larger animals may require the fetal detector to pick up fetal heart sounds, where these sounds may be heard in smaller mammals and invertebrates using a blood flow detector. See below for common applications or contact Vmed to discuss your intended use. The Ultrascope is as easy to use as a stethoscope, but superior do to the relatively small sensor tip (can be as small as 1/4? in diameter depending on the model selected). Doppler ultrasound has many applications in veterinary and human medicine. See “Clinical Papers” on this site for veterinary applications. Apply Ultrasound gel, KY jelly, water or alcohol must to the area of investigation and clip thick hair to allow ultrasound energy to pass through the skin. The pressure applied to the skin, the angle of the probe and the Doppler frequency effect the sensitivity and signal quality.
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