Supply manifold / for gas / laboratory CEN series CEODEUX MEDITEC

Supply manifold / for gas / laboratory CEN series CEODEUX MEDITEC
CEN series

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APPLICATIONS - Suitable for the high flow supply of non-corrosive industrial gases when high flow are required like for plasma TIG and MIG cutting and welding applications. KEY FEATURES - Possible to connect 4 gas cylinders without any extension and a gas for purging operation (up to 6 cylinders without any extension - without using the purge line). - No risk that a source flows into the other one. - Exists also in an AUTOMATIC version (with 10 and 16 bar outlet pressure). This automatic switch over board does not need to be reset to allow reversal of the cycle. - Ready to install with all components pre-mounted on a board. - Best-of-dass pressure stability with Balanced-Valve Technology: the effect of inlet pressure fluctuations on outlet pressure are minimized. Balanced-Valve Technology enables the delivery of a very stable outlet pressure and flow.
  • Characteristic:supply
  • Application:laboratory
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