SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion

SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion
Single Source CT Scanner

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Intelligent imaging. Excellence empowered.


Our single source CT scan machine SOMATOM® X.cite, combined with myExam Companion, launches the era of intelligent imaging. myExam Companion guides users intuitively through any procedure, adjusting key parameters to individual patients. This allows technologists of any skill level to unlock the full potential of this new high-end system, including its Vectron® X-ray tube and large, 82 cm bore. No matter the patient or complexity of the procedure, SOMATOM X.cite and myExam Companion together enables users to reduce unwarranted variations – and generate consistent, comprehensive results.


SOMATOM X.cite empowers excellence in computed tomography.

  • Intelligent navigation for enhanced consistency
  • Patient-friendly design with an 82 cm bore
  • Personalized imaging for consistent, comprehensive results
  • Consistent standards across your institution


SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion allows users of any skill level to unlock the full potential of this CT scan machine. Discover the innovative features of SOMATOM X.cite and learn how it empowers excellence in computed tomography.


Features & Benefits


Intelligent navigation for enhanced consistency

 myexam companion is a new approach to CT scan machine operation, designed to make technologists’ work easier and more efficient.

  • Interactive guidance: myExam Companion guides users through procedures via intuitive interfaces, using a simple, natural language and visuals that are easy to follow – even on unfamiliar CT scan machines.

  • Patient-specific support: The CT system optimizes acquisition and reconstruction parameters for the individual patient, so users can focus better on the patient and on consistent acquisition.

  • Comprehensive, consistent results: This intelligent imaging technology works with technologists to unlock the full potential of high-end features, which helps reduce unwarranted variations.


SOMATOM X.cite is designed to transform how patients interact with both technologists and the CT scan machine – and how they perceive their care.

  • Patient-centric features: The large, 82 cm bore and Patient Observation Camera are designed specifically to help both patients and users relax. Ideal for obese patients and trauma, orthopedic or interventional procedures.
  • More time for patients: myExam Companion performs key tasks in the background so that users can focus better on their patients. The tablet-based mobile workflow maximizes the time users they spend table-side.
  • Support for compliance: Enhanced interfaces like the Visual Patient Instruction (VPI) and the Patient Observation Camera can improve compliance by making communication with the patient easier and more natural.


Comprehensive information can help radiologists with assessment, etc. – no matter the patient or procedure.

  • Intelligent user guidance: myExam Companion helps technologists tailor acquisition to the individual patient.
  • High power and resolution: The Vectron® X-ray tube and the StellarInfinity detector® are part of an outstanding imaging chain that makes SOMATOM X.cite uniquely equipped to improve personalization.
  • Comprehensive information, no matter what: myExamCompanion calculates coronary segmentations, and spine and rib unfolding, with zero clicks.


With transparent and consistent CT throughput, fleet managers can set their own diagnostic benchmarks.

  • Centralized consistency: With myExam Companion and the teamplay cloud application, you can redefine and standardize protocols from one central location.
  • Standardization without disruption: With centralized access, standardizing protocols across your institution doesn’t have to disrupt daily CT operations.
  • Sharing made simple: With a shared visual logic and scan philosophy, it’s easy to optimize clinical workflow, staffing schedules, results and productivity.


Technical Details


X-ray tube

Vectron® X-ray tube


StellarInfinity detector®

Number of acquired slices


Spatial resolution

0.30 mm

Rotation time

0.3 s*

In-plane temporal resolution

150 ms*

Generator power

105 kW

Max. scan speed

up to 21.7 cm/s

Max. mA (70, 80, 90 kV)

1,200 mA

Gantry opening

82 cm

Gantry cooling


Table load

307 kg / 676 lbs*

Installation space

One room concept < 17 m2 / 183 ft2 (Subject to local regulations. Safety distances must be checked according to country-specific requirements).

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