Solid-phase extraction (SPE) microplate / 48-well MAXILUTE™ Porvair Sciences Ltd

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) microplate / 48-well MAXILUTE™ Porvair Sciences Ltd

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The Maxilute™ features a 48-well solid-phase extraction (SPE) system to manage the step between SPE cartridges and SPE 96-well plates. It includes larger packed bed volume and increased sample volume to provide advantages for food, drug development, and environmental labs currently using SPE cartridges. The Maxilute's constructed from virgin polypropylene and comes with a large choice of volumes and sorbents. This system's up to four times faster than cartridge methods with a unique design to eliminate messes that comes with traditional manual SPE cartridge methods. The Maxilute won't bend because it's made from a single piece of high-quality polymer and offers packed bed volumes ranging from 250mg-1500mg. One plate can process up to 200ml of samples, and the frit pore size is 20?m. 100% sample transfer with zero cross-contamination's guaranteed because each well has an individual drain spout. The design allows for easy automation because it's manufactured within ANSI/SBS standards.
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