Software / simulation / sharing / medical / dental Easy Teach, Easy Learn SARATOGA S.p.A.

Software / simulation / sharing / medical / dental Easy Teach, Easy Learn SARATOGA S.p.A.
Easy Teach, Easy Learn

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Easy Teach Easy Teach is an application that enables video transmission from the teacher’s desk to all the network’s workstations. A software/hardware platform makes audio/video sharing between workstations possible thus allowing instructors to send images from their PC to either individual students or all students simultaneously. Concurrently, the teacher can also view images from the camera on the student’s workstation and monitor their movements and relative learning. All the operations carried out can be recorded and reviewed later on. Also available is a messaging system that allows real-time dialogue between the teacher and the students. Easy Learn Easy Learn is a virtual simulation system equipped with advanced technology that introduces an innovative concept in teaching and has many advantages over the traditional teaching method. The system contains pre-recorded exercises, thus enabling the students to carry out exercises even in the teacher’s absence and when it is most suitable to them; practicing and learning more quickly. The simulator allows you to acquire familiarity and confidence via various simulations, such as the use of the hand-pieces to treat or replace the mannequin’s bad teeth. This is made possible because the system sends immediate tactile feedback and it traces the hand’s movements in real-time: hence as the student carries out a maneuver, the system sends feedback messages, which indicate, for example, if a neighboring tooth was affected. The process is simultaneously saved in video format and can thus be viewed at a later time. This system is used by over 20 universities and schools around the world.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:simulation , sharing
  • Medical establishment:dental
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