Dental care patient simulator / head Smily SARATOGA S.p.A.

Dental care patient simulator / head Smily SARATOGA S.p.A.

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Saratoga and Pininfarina have come up with the innovative Smily Line which has a unique design which provides very technical dental simulation bench perfect for dental education. Smily is actually a patented design which is distinctly a triangular working area made of ergonomic modular materials. The triangular shape optimizes the available space by providing functional working stations. The unit contains complete dental tools and equipment but this is not the highlight of the machine. The feature that made it stand out compared to others is its motorized movement. With this feature, one can place a dummy on one table and move it to the next workstation. One can also try the tech system wherein the teacher sends videos to all stations in the network. Students who have question can touch the touch screen and will catch the teachers attention. The teacher can then address the question by answering it real time.
  • Procedure:dental care
  • Anatomical form:head
Pordenone (PN)