Software / simulation / control / planning / medical CARINAiso LAP Lasers

Software / simulation / control / planning / medical CARINAiso LAP Lasers

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CARINAiso™ is the LAP isocenter marking control software for all DORADOselect and DORADOnova simulation laser systems. This easy to use laser control system joins together the best features of the traditional IsoMark software with the state of the art advancements of the full featured CARINAsim® product. The CARINAiso software is built on the versatile and robust ARGO NAVIS® platform with clinical data being handled by the central PostgreSQL database. CARINAiso comes standard with support for the traditional LAP file format. This is the basic interface for transferring information from planning and virtual simulation systems to the LAP laser system. The CARINAiso software is compatible with all DORADOselect and DORADOnova systems. Running on an all-in-one-PC with touch screen control, CARINAiso offers complete control of your LAP laser systems. The CARINAiso hardware and software package can be customized to suit your clinical architecture and treatment workflow. Using the upgrade options, you may develop a fully featured CARINAsim DORADO package based on CARINAiso. The DICOM RT package provides standardized connectivity to all DICOM compliant treatment planning systems. Incorporating the same intuitive user interface common to all LAP software solutions, CARINAiso combines the experience of the past with the technology of the future.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:planning, control, simulation