Small animal balance / electronic SRV930 SR Instruments

Small animal balance / electronic SRV930 SR Instruments

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This Veterinary Floor Scales from SR Instruments is suitable of weighing smaller animals like cats and the likes. Made up of high impact plastic that makes it durable and very functional. Even if the animal can't stay in it's proper position or will not sit perfectly still, the state of the art load cell technology permits the technicians to obtain accurate and consistent weight. This scale can display units in Lbs, Lbs/Oz, Kg, and Ounces. The lightest weight it can measure is 4 pounds and the maximum is up to 40 pounds. It's platform size is 24.5 inches X 14.0 inches. It can also recall the last stored weight just in case you forgot the last measurement of the animal you weighed in. It is battery operated with One (1) 9 Volt Battery and it is Auto Power Down (APD) approximately 120 seconds. AC Power Supply is optional.
  • Technology:electronic
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