SLO bronchoscope Cellvizio® AlveoFlex™ Mauna Kea Technologies

SLO bronchoscope Cellvizio® AlveoFlex™ Mauna Kea Technologies
Cellvizio® AlveoFlex™

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Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions from Mauna Kea Technologies is designed to help in studying any pulmonary lesions. Physicians have been using Cellvizio to image lung tissue from proximal airways down to alveoli in patients presenting pulmonary lesions. In the context of pulmonary lesions, Optical Biopsy can assist the physician or surgeon in Targeting and confirming that the area of interest for histological sampling is reached 2,4 and Visualizing immediately abnormal tissues 1-5. Probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) with the Cellvizio® system is intended to provide real-time dynamic microscopic imaging of the distal lungs that is currently unavailable using any other technique. Real-time dynamic imaging with pCLE opens a whole new world in interventional pulmonology.
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