Single-lumen implantable port Vortex TR Angiodynamics

Single-lumen implantable port Vortex TR Angiodynamics
Vortex TR

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The Vortex TR port offers a line of titanium and plastic models with 100 PSI rated catheters. Single and low profile models are available. AngioDynamics’ Vortex revolutionizes port design with a rounded chamber that has no sludge-harboring corners or dead spaces. In addition, the Vortex tangential outlet adds flushing action. Features: Rounded reservoir reduces the chance of sludge buildup and helps reduce occlusions and infections. Tangential outlet facilitates efficient flushing action to cleanse entire chamber 100% guarantee against sludge buildup in port reservoir Latex free Titanium & Plastic: MRI conditional – 3 Tesla Plastic and Titanium models available Titanium models include silicone-filled suture holes that prevent tissue ingrowth 100 PSI rated silicone catheters Large septum diameter – features a greater target area in both intermediate and low-profile sizes One-step locking mechanism – our easy-to-use technology means fast, secure procedures Available in single and low-profile models
  • Number of lumens:single-lumen
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