Simulation suit M165-1.2 Sakamoto Model Corporation

Simulation suit M165-1.2 Sakamoto Model Corporation

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M165-1 (M Size) / M165-2 (L Size) Hemiplegia Simulation Suit Can realistically learn the inconvenience of hemiplegia only understandable through experience Feature Can experience both right or left hemiplegia. Each equipment is fixed so that one can experience a similar condition to having stiff joints due to hemiplegia, but by using the rubber belt, it is possible to adjust tightness. (So that one can cope with an unexpected occurrence while experimenting, we have left some room.) The cane is useful for various movements, and the necessity of it will be strongly felt. The shoes were actually designed / developed for the aged and physically disabled. We have adopted these light and hard-to-slip shoes. It comes with a bag and is compact, so carrying and storing is easy. The suit (jacket) is washable and therefore clean. Practice Walking Walking The irritation and fear of not being able to cross a pedestrians? crossing quickly The necessity of a cane when walking The fear of being in a crowd Climbing Climbing The difficulty of climbing up and down steps The difficulty and anxiety of getting on and off buses / trains / cars The difficulty of standing up and sitting down for use of toilet etc.
City Okayama
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