Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer JOLLY 103 Crony Instruments

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer JOLLY 103 Crony Instruments

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Company Crony Instruments, known for superior quality products and excel in terms of reliability feature JOLLY 103, one of the latest and most innovative, smartly designed semi-automatic analyzer in order to determine clinical chemistry with PLUS. The low cost device incorporates use of sophisticated software in conjunction with well proven optical system and graphic presentation offered by JOLLY 102 required for measurement in Peltier controlled micro flow-cell. In addition to this, it also includes measurement in individual cuvettes that opens the gateway to new and advanced method applications. The advanced cuvette holder ensures measurement in both macro and micro 10 mm square quartz or plastic cuvettes. Besides, the built-in chopper avoids stray light and ensures maximum photometric reliability and stability. Graphic presentation of smart design on display guides the user through all operations with immense care. JOLLY 103 are simple to operate and very user friendly. Memory of the device can store maximum 150 chemistry methods which are programmable by user. Furthermore, more than 300 test results can be stored in the memory, to be printed at later time.
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