Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer JOLLY 100 Crony Instruments

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer JOLLY 100 Crony Instruments

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JOLLY 100 is an elegantly conjured up device for cost effectiveness. This PHOTOMETER has been particularly designed for clinical chemistry. Stylish software with graphical representation carries a new dimension in testing of routine clinical chemistries, special chemistries and STATS and Immunoassays. This space saving potable device is apt in any clinical laboratory irrespective of its size. The graphical representation has been designed in such a smart way that it will steer the operator step by step during all operations. The device is user friendly and easy to operate. The device is capable of storing 150 user programmable chemistry methods in memory. In addition, more than 300 test outcomes are reserved in memory and can be printed at an anon time. The software proffers an option of 5 languages: English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. JOLLY 100 is a wallet friendly, extremely classy photometer with loads of advantages to evoke the current manual photometer market, accessible all over the place. It has a glowing established optical system with years of familiarity, associated with a strong in-built micro-processor.
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