Scavenging system anesthetic gas AGS Duplex Beacon Medaes

Scavenging system anesthetic gas AGS Duplex Beacon Medaes
AGS Duplex

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BeaconMedæs' second-generation AGS (Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems) is built for increased safety and improved user-friendliness. This system is designed to remove anesthetic gas in areas with nitrous oxide units such as the operating rooms. It is specifically built with an active disposal system that can make high capture levels through simply connecting its terminal unit to the circuit for anesthetic breathing through a receiver unit. Removing this source eliminates potential health hazards that can be acquired in the long term by the exposed medical staff. Its user-friendliness is one of this product's key features. It has been introduced with a mounted robust skid frame that has an innovative component layout which could offer a lot of benefits. Aside from the reduced footprint feature, the controls of this product are situated in a height convenient for the user. Its components can be easily accessed. This results to a much improved usability, a quicker maintenance, and an enhanced productivity without compromising quality in the long run. It also has a flow regulating valve that can easily be adjusted from the outside.
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