Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium ScoutRace FKG Dentaire

Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium ScoutRace FKG Dentaire

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ScoutRace is a sequence of 3 Race instruments used for the mechanized scouting of high curvature or S-shaped canals, with a taper of .02 and ISO diameters 10, 15 and 20. These first passage instruments are used after the working length (WL) has been determined with hand K-Files or an apex locator. Root canal preparation is completed using iRace ou BioRace sequences. NiTi rotary instruments provide for quicker and more reliable passage preparation compared to hand instruments. Greater respect of the anatomy of the middle and apical thirds is observed without transport or stop formation. Due to their slight taper and extreme flexibility, NiTi rotary instruments follow the anatomy of the canal perfectly and are used without pressure up to the working length (WL), allowing better shaping of the canal.
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