Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium BioRace FKG Dentaire

Rotary endodontic file / nickel titanium BioRace FKG Dentaire

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BioRace Basic Set is an extremely reliable sequence of 6 instruments, completed by the BioRace Extended Set of 2 instruments for cases involving extreme curvature and 2 for wide canals. It has been found that in most cases, to achieve adequate elimination of bacteria from the root canal, the apical third of the canal should be treated with the minimum given sizes, ISO 35 or 40. The BioRace sequence has been specially designed to achieve the required apical size without need for additional steps or files. Using the BioRace system, the biological aim of the root canal treatment is attained without compromising efficiency. With the Rooter motor, select memory no. 2 for the BioRace sequence. After glide path Use BR0, with only 4 gentle back-forth movements, clean the file. Repeat until the coronal part is prepared to approximately 4-6 mm. Irrigate following use of the BR0. Recapitulate.
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