Resuscitation ventilator / infant Christina F. Stephan

Resuscitation ventilator / infant Christina F. Stephan

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CHRISTINA is an excellent solution for fulfilling all criteria indispensable to effective and safe ventilation of preterm infants. The unit is easy to use and clearly organised, with outstanding respiration function monitoring while offering all conventional forms of ventilation, such as IMV, SIMV and back-up ventilation. Upon request, CHRISTINA can also be combined with the super high-frequency oscillator SHF 3000. It goes without saying that spontaneous respiration (SV/CPAP) is possible with absolutely reliable apnea monitoring and fast changeover to manual ventilation with PEEP and plateau. As an optional feature, CHRISTINA can also be equipped with a micro vaporizer for application of medication aerosols. Perfect registration and visualization of all relevant parameters on the 10,4'' TFT color screen permits optimum diagnosis of the respiration mechanism. Reliable alarm functions and plain text error messages permit rapid reaction in critical situations.