Anesthesia gas monitor NGM 1000 F. Stephan

Anesthesia gas monitor NGM 1000 F. Stephan
NGM 1000

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The anesthetic gas monitor NGM 1000 is an ideal combination of functional design with innovative technology. It guarantees continuous, safe monitoring of the five volatile anesthetic gases together with uncomplicated monitoring of nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Gas measurement is carried out using a sensor with pioneering microoptical technology. As an option, NGM 1000 can be equipped with a reusable Durasensor (SpO2). All relevant parameters are monitored exactly using adjustable alarm limits and displayed in hierarchic order. The necessary settings and functions are adjusted quickly and easily with a central knob. Patient safety is always warranted, even during a power failure: NGM 1000 can be operated on a battery for up to one hour, regardless of mains power.