Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP / infant Millennium® Sechrist Industries, Inc.

Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP / infant Millennium® Sechrist Industries, Inc.

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From Sechrist Industries comes the Millennium® - the infant ventilator and pediatric ventilation system designed for maximum performance and user-friendly convenience. The Millennium® Infant Ventilator combines state-of-the-art electronics with the simplicity of pressure sensing technology. The result: simple, reliable ventilation for neonatal, infant, and pediatric patient requirements. Reliable, Versatile, Simple. Neonatal Ventilation modes such as SIMV/IMV, Assist Control, and Backup ventilation in CPAP make the Millennium® Neonatal Ventilator the optimal choice in basic, reliable infant ventilation and versatile pediatric ventilation. What sets the Millennium® Infant Ventilator apart is the patented SmartSync™, a unique pressure sensing device that synchronizes the patient's natural breathing cycle with the neonatal ventilator. It has a maximum sensitivity of 0.10 cmH20, and a response time of 5-40 milliseconds depending upon the sensitivity settings. With this technology from a company you've known and trusted for decades, you can be certain the Millennium® Infant Ventilator and Pediatric/Neonatal Ventilation system will provide your patients with unparalleled performance.
  • Application:resuscitation
  • Ventilation mode:CPAP
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