Monoplace hyperbaric chamber Sechrist 3600H Sechrist Industries, Inc.

Monoplace hyperbaric chamber Sechrist 3600H Sechrist Industries, Inc.
Sechrist 3600H

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Sechrist Industries is proud to release its newest flagship hyperbaric chamber; the 3600H Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. This newest hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an exciting addition to the world recognized Sechrist hyperbaric chamber product line. All Sechrist ‘s hyperbaric products are manufactured in the United States within the Sechrist ‘s state of the art production and manufacturing facility. The 3600H includes all the quality and reliable functionality that goes into each and every Sechrist chamber throughout the world. The 3600H hyperbaric chamber can accommodate patients weighing up to 700lbs and allows for complete comfort controls for both patient and attendant. INCREASING EFFICIENCY The Sechrist 3600H hyperbaric oxygen chamber also includes all the necessary monitors and controls to accept electronic data collection modules. The H model chambers all include precision controls and display for easy viewing and adjustments by the technician. The 3600H also includes the updated Sechrist ‘s Oxygen Conservation Mode which significantly reduces the amount of oxygen consumed during a treatment. FIRST IN PATIENT COMFORT The 3600H hyperbaric chamber also includes an integrated entertainment system. Using this built in feature the provider can easily attach the optional LCD for comfortable patient viewing. The specialized hyperbaric chamber gurney allows for direct patient transport into the chamber with additional transfers.
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