Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP EMV+® Impact Instrumentation

Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP EMV+® Impact Instrumentation

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The EMV+® portable critical care ventilator is the ideal solution for ambulance and air medical transport of infant, pediatric and adult patients. At less then 10 bs. , it features an unprecedented 1 0 hr. battery life, rapid charger that achieves 90% battery capacity in 2 hours, pressure and volume ventilation modes and CPAP with pressure support and leak compensation. Integral Sp02 continuously monitors heart rate and 02 saturation levels and the high performance internal compressor and blender allow use with or without external oxygen. Rugged design, daylight visible display and an 02 efficient ventilator optimize usage in virtually any condition.
  • Application:resuscitation
  • Ventilation mode:CPAP
Fairfield Place,
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