Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP AEV® Impact Instrumentation

Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP AEV® Impact Instrumentation

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The AEV®, (Automatic Emergency Ventilator), is a versatile, easy to use portable critical care ventilator with volume and pressure-targeted modes, which also includes Pressure Support, NPPV Mask CPAP with Bi-Level modes and automatic leak compensation. The auto-leak compensation makes the application of Mask CPAP / Bi-Level much easier for patients and Care Providers as it automatically adjusts a nd supplies only the necessary amount of supplemental flow needed to provide and sustain the amount desired to support what the clinician sets. This feature assists with improved patient comfort and synchrony while conserving portable 0? supply and usage and provides an additiona I level of patient safety. The AEV® weighs -9.5 lbs. and will run continuously on a full charge for at least 10 hrs. The AEV® also includes an internal air/oxygen mixer, high performance compressor, SpOJ( PEEP control and Smart Help™. It is ideal for managing infant, pediatric and adult patients across the Acute, Critical Care and Transport phases of ventilatory support.
  • Application:resuscitation
  • Ventilation mode:CPAP
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