Respiratory polygraph Polymate® YH-1000C BMC Medical Co., Ltd.

Respiratory polygraph Polymate® YH-1000C BMC Medical Co., Ltd.
Polymate® YH-1000C

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Multiple functions ? 11 channels: SpO2, Pulse rate, Airflow, Respiratory drive (2-CH), Snoring, Body position, CPAP pressure, Patient event, Battery, Recording time ? Compliant with the level III of international sleep diagnosis standard Excellent Ergonomic design ? Small size, light weight and low electricity consumption ? 3.1 inches LCD displays all parameters and waves in real time ? Automatic on/off setting Friendly design ? Record more than 12 hours overnight data ? Display recording time in real time ? Left battery energy is displayed automatically. ? Keep up recording from the pause point for the data integrity Efficiency and flexibility ? Easy operation, accurate result, meeting the requirement of Sleep Apnea diagnosis ? CPAP titration Powerful software and concise report ? Analysis software includes sleep-awake distribution, breathing disorder analysis, Oxygen saturation reduction and CPAP pressure histogram etc.
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