Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SleepView™ BMC Medical Co., Ltd.

Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SleepView™ BMC Medical Co., Ltd.

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SleepView® device is indicated for the screening of sleep disordered breathing. It records the following data: patient respiratory oral and nasal airflow, snoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse and CPAP pressure. The device uses these recordings to generate a report for screening or for further clinical investigation. Powerful device for SDB ? 7 parameters: SpO2, Pulse rate, Airflow, Snoring, CPAP pressure, Battery and Recording time ? Compliant with the level IV of international sleep diagnosis standard ? Compliance evaluation of CPAP therapy ? Online instant test score Excellent Ergonomic design ? Watch style, light weight and low electricity consumption ? 2-inch OLED, displays all parameters and waves in real time ? Icon operation, Recording length and Battery indication ? 24 hours embedded recording capacity, Micro-SD and Bluetooth optional Abundant applications ? Screening of SDB ? Evaluation of CPAP compliance ? Homecare of respiratory and pulmonary disease Powerful software and concise report ? Analysis software includes sleep disordered breathing, oxygen saturation reduction etc. ? Abundant reporting can be customized printed.
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