Reporting software / management / medical Alarm Management Vocera

Reporting software / management / medical Alarm Management Vocera
Alarm Management

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Vocera Alarm Management improves the ability to prioritize and respond to critical alarms in real time by providing contextual evidence such as waveforms and vital signs on smartphones and tablets. It also improves patient safety and care team satisfaction by empowering the care team to act more efficiently, and make more informed decisions that drive positive patient outcomes. Key features of Vocera Alarm Management Include: Improved patient safety, quality of care and care team effectiveness by allowing prioritization of alerts and a reduction in response time Critical alarms qualified with real-time contextual data in the form of 10 second waveform snippets on a smartphone or tablet Improved patient satisfaction with a quieter care environment Configurable filters and escalation rules that improve workflow efficiencies Push technology to ensure reliable delivery of alerts Reporting and audit capabilities to facilitate compliance Seamless integration with all industry leading patient monitoring systems
  • Function:reporting, management
  • Application domain:medical
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