Planning software / medical Pre-arrival Communication Vocera

Planning software / medical Pre-arrival Communication Vocera
Pre-arrival Communication

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Vocera Care Experience Pre-arrival Communication enables organizations to provide patients with the right information at the right time prior to scheduled procedures. With Pre-Arrival Communication, patients are better prepared with clinical, logistical and educational information through timely, targeted communications. This streamlines the patient’s pre-arrival preparation and ensures they are prepared for their scheduled appointment. Healthcare organizations benefit by decreasing no shows and last-minute cancellations, increasing throughput, and improving patient engagement. helps engage patients: Send automatic reminders to patients and family members of critical preparation steps, such as dietary restrictions, drug complications, what-to-bring lists, parking details and transportation options Assign educational videos and recordings to be reviewed prior to the scheduled appointment to ensure there are no surprises on the day of the visit Monitor patient engagement and comprehension through questionnaires to gauge the patient’s preparedness, and trigger alerts to the pre-admission team if patient is at-risk for cancellation Ensure that the patient has reviewed and understood all financial guidelines so that any issues can be resolved prior to the visit Capture and analyze cancellation rates and causes to proactively address patient obstacles and identify areas for improvement
  • Function:planning
  • Application domain:medical
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