Real-time thermal cycler NucliSENS easyQ® Biomérieux

Real-time thermal cycler NucliSENS easyQ® Biomérieux
NucliSENS easyQ®

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The NucliSENS EasyQ® Basic Kitis a complete CE marked kit for setting up real-time NASBA amplification assays Making Assay Development Easy Nucleic Acid (NA) amplification testing has become increasingly important in the routine clinical laboratory environment. Many of these laboratories have developed "home-brew" NA amplification assays to meet that need. Nevertheless, these "home-brew" assays are very painstaking, technically demanding and limited in their use as routine assays. Development and subsequent quality assurance of new tests is also time-consuming and expensive. Why choose NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit? As a standardized platform for customized Real-Time amplification testing, NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit enhances your daily workflow and quality assurance of NA amplification testing without compromising the freedom to measure your selected targets.
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