Radiology service bi-parting door / radiation shielding Veritas™ Veritas Medical Solutions

Radiology service bi-parting door / radiation shielding Veritas™ Veritas Medical Solutions

Radiation Shielded Bi-Parting Sliding Doors Eliminate mechanical problems and the industrial look of ordinary radiation shielded doors, and enjoy the convenience of the worlds fastest operating doors. The Veritas Bi-Parting door system provides 100% guaranteed shielding with unmatched reliability and the visual appeal of contemporary designer finishes, along with blazing fast open/close speeds. Todays most advanced radiation therapy room entry system, Veritas Bi-Parting Sliding doors come equipped with SmartDoor™ Touch Screen technology, which provides a variety of user functions including enhanced security features with thumbprint reader, remote access from control room or nurses station, and performance reports. Opening in 5-8 seconds and with a lifetime warranty*, Veritas Bi-Parting doors leave the competition in the dust! A series of redundant safety systems ensure optimum personnel protection including infra-red sensors and pressure-sensing electronic monitoring. Optional protective sliding glass safety doors, located both inside and outside the room, also feature your choice of finishes and/or graphic image. Safety doors are independent of the shielded doors and prevent access during door movement. - The fastest doors on earth - open/close in as little as 5 seconds - Maximizes room space - requires only 12 by 9 of floor space - Redundant safety systems - infrared sensors and electronic monitoring - Contemporary look and feel - your choice of designer door finishes - Optional sliding glass safety doors - your choice of finishes and graphic images * Optional purchase. Based upon the lifetime of the original machine.
  • Protection type: : radiation shielding
  • Medical establishment: : for radiology service

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