Modular radiation shielding block VPAC™ Veritas Medical Solutions

Modular radiation shielding block VPAC™ Veritas Medical Solutions

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A Proven Alternative to Concrete Radiation Shielding that Installs Faster and is 100% Guaranteed Effective. Veritas VPAC™ is a pre-assembled shielding pack that dramatically reduces the time to construct radiation-shielded rooms. Providing the radiation attenuation and physical characteristics inherent with Veritas VeriShield™ modules, VPAC combines individual VeriShield blocks into a single structural element that interlocks with other VPAC units to form a solid homogeneous shielding structure. Shielded rooms are constructed in days instead of weeks, with no decrease in quality, flexibility or attenuation levels. VPACs can be easily altered by removing or adjusting the individual VeriShield modules.They can also be incorporated with standard VeriShield module construction techniques when site conditions prevent the use of all-VPAC construction (such as areas of severely confined space, or limited access/material handling capability). VPACs can be recovered and reused, or reconfigured for future upgrades or facility changes. VPAC provides 100% guaranteed attenuation in a shielding unit that, when combined with pre-manufactured VPAC ceiling packs, can be constructed into a fully shielded room in 2 days*. VPAC greatly simplifies the shielding process and will help get your facility operating weeks ahead of schedule. *Assumes existing foundations/slab and does not include shielded door installation.

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