Radiology room / modular ModuleCo

Radiology room / modular ModuleCo

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ModuleCo has pioneered the use of modular construction methods for the provision of fast-track diagnostic imaging facilities and interventional radiology buildings. We built the UK’s first modular diagnostic imaging suite using off-site construction methods and have successfully designed and built many more. This makes us the most experienced company in this complex field. We have the ability to supply diagnostic imaging facilities such as MRI suites, CT rooms, X-ray, mammography units and cardiac catheterisation laboratories. We are able to design and build facilities that are tailor-made to suit your requirements and take into account any site constraints. As the facilities are constructed off-site in our manufacturing centre, they will also be fully operational in less than half the time required for traditional construction. The design of modular diagnostic imaging facilities depends on equipment selection and covers issues such as magnetic field effects, interference, magnetic shielding requirements, co-siting issues, fringe field distribution, building vibration, floor loadings, noise regulation, RF enclosures and all equipment installation.