Modular mechanical room / for healthcare facilities ModuleCo

Modular mechanical room / for healthcare facilities ModuleCo

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Integration of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Services in the off-site manufacturing facility is a key feature of successful modular construction. Integral to the success of an off-site constructed project is an approach to the installation of the M&E within the building. It should fully complement and make the most of the benefits offered by off-site construction. Another key to success is the involvement of M&E design input in the early phases of the design process as the critical issue is effective integration of M&E Services into the building shell. Of major importance to ModuleCo buildings is the modular plant room, which accompanies most of our healthcare projects. Centralising all of the M&E plant and equipment into one contained plant room module allows for full fit-out in the factory prior to delivery. The remaining on-site work is the simple connection of services from the main supplies and to the rest of the modular facility.
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