Pulmonary waveform generator PWG-33 / PWG-33BT Piston

Pulmonary waveform generator PWG-33 / PWG-33BT Piston
PWG-33 / PWG-33BT

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Pulmonary Waveform Generator Pulmonary waveform generator is the most absolutely vital gear for developing and checking spirometers and other flow/volume assessing devices. PWG-33 is the perfect test equipment for R&D businesses, for manufacturers and for authorized test laboratories as well. PWG-33 has incomparable accuracy and fidelity in developing waveforms. PWG-33 provides the highest peakflow with the fastest acceleration it is the genuine market foremost in all facets. PWG-33BT supplies full BTPS replication for all types of exhaled bends. User characterised waveforms -Sinus waveforms -Square waveforms -Trapezoid waveforms -Reproduction of any waveform characterised by client Product Specifications: -All parameters of generated waveforms are completely traceable to nationwide Standards -All developed curves can be proportionally scaled -Full self-acting estimation of flow meter’s opposition -Full support of human differential checks, according to ATS -Evaluation of check outcomes and mistake investigation, according to ATS -Full self-acting check sequence definable by the user
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