Body plethysmograph PDT-111/P Piston

Body plethysmograph PDT-111/P Piston

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Whole body plethysmograph PDT 111/p. The device helps in measuring the pulmonary system's mechanical parameters. Key Aspects Fully Automatic: It provides full automatic calibration and leakage test. Measurement: Pressure is measured in the cabin with the help of automatic BTPS correction based on the temperature and humidity. Programmable: The device has the capacity to program audio visual metronome. Opening: It can only be opened from the inner door of the cabin. Spacious cabin: The equipment has spacious cabin that includes four transparent walls and roof from the hard glass. Diffused Test: It instant tests of Diffused capacity. Normal Test: The cabin's double time constant adds normalcy breathing frequency as well as panting tests. Accesibility: Patients sitting in a wheel chair has an option to approach it.
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