PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ HP Endocor

PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ HP Endocor

The superior high force for the demanding interventionalist. MAIN FEATURES Improved trackability Non-Compliant design resisting deformation when subjected to pressure Controlled minimal balloon growth -5% between NP & RBP for flat compliance High pressure catheter (RBP 20 bar) Optimal accuracy is ensured even under high dilatation forces while maintaining dimensional stability Ultra-low 0.016" tip profile Soft, short and tapered atraumatic tip Proprietary balloon material blend ensures decreased wall thickness 0.021" crossing profile Proprietary hydrophilic coating, HiFlow for enhanced lubricity Homogeneous balloon expansion Tri-folding balloon technology
  • Characteristics: : balloon
  • Application: : PTCA
Esplanade 41,
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