PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ CTO Endocor

PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ CTO Endocor

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The CARDIOGLIDE™ CTO has the lowest profiles with improved pushability for even the most challenging cases. MAIN FEATURES Improved trackability Ultra-low 0.016" soft yet durable tip form is designed to cross Chronic Total Occlusions Ultra-low 0.020" crossing profile Central Platinum-Iridium marker band for high radiopacity and lower balloon distal profiles for enhanced crossability Proprietary material blend ensures ultra low profile and extremely durable balloons High pressure capability, providing extreme resistance to potential puncture Safely inflated up to 24 bar Homogeneous expansion throughout the entire balloon length Proprietary hydrophilic coating, HiFlow for smoother navigation through the most challenging vasculature Low profile shaft, ensuring more penetration power Fully integrated hypotube-shaft transition optimizes pushability
Esplanade 41,
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