PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ Endocor

PTCA catheter / balloon CARDIOGLIDE™ Endocor

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The CARDIOGLIDE™ is setting new standards in coronary balloon dilatation catheters. The CARDIOGLIDE™ is a rapid exchange type, semi-compliant coronary dilation catheter designed for consistent angiographic success. Catheter Highlights • Unibody hypotube shaft and hub assembly enhances pushability and control • Highly flexible delivery catheter to facilitate navigation of tortuous anatomy • Soft tapered modular tip for excellent guide wire conformance and atraumatic guidance Advanced Features • Multi segment technology for enhanced trackability • Precision engineered to improve kink resistance with optimum handling and device integrity • Single-piece integral shaft for advanced push efficiency • Increases radiopacity • Highly flexible platinum-iridium markers for 30% improved radiopacity • Ampel spectrum of diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 5 mm • Length range from 10mm to 40mm • Specially formulated balloon material for added advantages • The CARDIOGLIDE™ was proven to be from 37% to 94% more pushable than existing comparable market brands • Special technology tapered tip offering low profile tip entry for negotiation through torturous vessels and difficult stenosis Balloon Highlights • Low profile design for accessing difficult lesions • Excellent radiopacity for easier visualization during placement • Broad range of sizes provides a wide range of solutions for clinicians and their patients
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