PTA catheter / balloon ClearPAC® Omega Clearstream Technologies Ltd

PTA catheter / balloon ClearPAC® Omega Clearstream Technologies Ltd
ClearPAC® Omega

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The ClearPAC Omega has advanced features that allow the 0.035” PTA catheter to perform at a whole new level. It features the longest balloon at 220mm. This means inflations are fewer and procedure times are possibly shorter. The balloon material is also durable. The QuadFlex balloon has oustanding durability even when dealing with calcified lesions. Its rewrap characteristics are also excellent, guaranteeing the maintenance of a low profile even following several inflations. It has a new flexible tip for better trackability and lesser trauma to vessels. The new tip also permits easier access to lesions. The Co-Axial Nylon shaft makes it easy to push. The new inner shaft improves trackability. It also helps in preventing the balloon from sticking to the wire following deflation. Moreover, the new shaft length of 130 cm is designed specifically for the contralateral approach.
  • Characteristics:balloon
  • Application:PTA
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